Rules and Guidelines

Please help keep the Mi’gmaq Trail in its wonderful natural state and ensure that everyone enjoys their wilderness adventure in safety by respecting the following Rules and Guidelines.

Tell someone where you are going

Perhaps your most important responsibility before starting a hike is to let someone know which part of the Trail you plan to hike and when you are expected to be back. It doesn’t matter if the outing is for an hour, half a day, overnight or a week. Your “guardian” should be informed to phone 911 if you do not return as scheduled.

Know where you are

Unless you are familiar with the Trail, it is always advisable to carry a map and know how to read it. A compass or a GPS and a satellite communications devices such as a SPOT or INREACH are strongly recommended to bring on Multi-day or Thru hikes as well. Make sure you have tested and know how to use them prior to hiking.

Trail Markers

The entire trail is marked in both directions with Mi’gmaq turtle logo markers (10 cm x 13 cm) in clear acrylic. There are also distance markers every 5km that align with distances shown on Trail maps.

When arriving at intersections, diverging roads and sharp turns, take the extra time to look for the next turtle sign in order to stay on the Trail. If you don’t see turtle signs, you can turn and look back to see if signs have been posted in the opposite direction.

What to do if you mistakingly lose the Trail?

Before you leave each day, know where you are. If you preplanned your hike and you have studied the map, you should have a general idea where you are or where you are heading each day. You can plan your hike by zones or by individual sections. Make notes each day by identifying the 5km markers and access point signs.

If you do lose the Trail don’t panic. Take a few moments to stop, have a drink of water eat a snack, then look and listen to your surroundings. The Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail generally follows the Nepisiguit River so if you find the river, you should be able to eventually re-locate the Trail by travelling parallel to the shoreline.

Know the Flow!

The Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail is always on the south side of the river. Knowing this is very important when reading the flow of the river. If you are heading east, you will be hiking with the flow of the river. If you are hiking west, you are hiking against the flow of the river.

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