Why Register?

Why Register? Well first and foremost, to confirm your hiking dates. The SNMT is expecting an influx of hikers in 2022 thanks to the National Geographic Inc’s recent announcement recognizing the Trail as one of the world’s 25 best adventure destinations (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/article/best-of-the-world-2022). These numbers will be increased further by a two-year backlog of hikers unable to visit the Trail because of Covid travel constraints.

Please reserve your dates as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed. To minimize congestion the "Hiking Registration" page has charts showing the number of hikers already registered by month and by day. Pick your departure date and departure point wisely!

The registration is a flat-rate $25 fee for all hikers staying one night or more on the Trail. Please carry a proof of registration while on the Trail.

(This page Updated April 24, 2022)

Who needs to register?

All thru-hikers and multi-day hikers must register online on this website. If you are the designated group leader, you may register for your group.

Why Register?

Registration benefits both hikers and the SNMT:

  • Encourages hikers to Plan and Prepare their trip including establishing an emergency contact person who will phone emergency services at 911 if a hiker does not exit the Trail at the scheduled date.
  • Helps SNMT monitor traffic and minimize overcrowding.
  • Helps finance trail maintenance.
  • Provides valuable information for Trail planning and funding requests.


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