Day Hiking

Day Hiking

Day hiking is by far the most popular activity on the SNMT attracting thousands of visitors each year. They come for all sorts of reasons, bird watching, mushroom picking, wildlife photography or just a peaceful stroll in a natural wonderland. The Interactive Map is a good place to get an overview of the trail, its attractions and possible hiking opportunities. For more detailed information it is strongly recommended to consult the SNMT’s guide book and map. Make sure to carry them with you on your outings. Information on where they can be purchased is provided in FAQ #3.

A Four Season Activity

Day hiking on the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail can be done during all four seasons but care is necessary. During the spring and fall be prepared for colder, wet weather and conditions that can change quickly. Rising water levels may also be of concern. Please review the section on Safety for more information.

During winter it is recommended to only hike (snowshoe) the SNMT close to the City of Bathurst between Access A and E (See Access Points). Beyond this area the trail becomes remote and is dangerous both for hikers and the emergency response teams who may be called upon for rescue operations.

Planning Your Day Hike

To avoid problems on your day hike, it is important to properly plan and prepare.

It is vital to know, before you leave, where you are going and for how long and ALWAYS inform someone of your plan who will react (call 911) if you do not return on time.

Bring layers of clothing, proper boots, food, snacks and water. Always prepare for rapidly changing weather conditions and carefully consult forecasts.

Day hikers are not required to register their hike.

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