Multi-Day Hiking

Multi-Day Hiking

A person, a pair or a group who plans to hike the Trail overnight or multiple nights over one or various sections.

(For safety reasons, all Multi-day hikers including solo, pairs and groups are required register their hike with the trail organization.) One person can be designated as pair or group leader and register for their group by following the guidelines in the hiking registration.

Multi-day hiking means spending an overnight on the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail (SNMT) or to hiking every part of the ​Trail through a series of multi-day hikes over many shorter hikes called section hiking. Most Multi-day hikers plan -but are not limited to- their hikes on weekends, vacations or holidays. Usually, 2 to 3 days.

Multi-day hiking takes a little more planning than day hiking -having to be better prepared for a longer hike and your overnight on the trail. This requires extra thought for what you will need as far as your gear, clothing, food. The SNMT advises hikers to study our guide, map and all information on this site to know your safety the guidelines and regulations.

Advantages of Section Hiking

A section hiker completes the SNMT in a series of multi-day trips over a period of many hikes. Hiking the trail by sections allows hikers to enjoy the SNMT without the commitment of competing the entire trail in one thru hike.

Advantages of Multi-Day Hiking

  • Hike and your own pace and determine your distances.
  • Take your time to take in the beauty of nature and scenic spots.
  • Hike during warm summer days or cool fall breezes.
  • You can complete the trail on weekends.
  • Gain experience and offer advice to beginners.

Trail markers and trail signs

The entire trail is marked in both directions with reflecting Mi’gmaq turtle logo markers. There are also km markers at every 5km. Trail Access points are marked with a turtle logo sign on white background.

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