Welcome to the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail (SNMT), the longest backcountry trail in the Maritimes and an internationally recognized adventure destination.

The SNMT begins at the shore of a vast salt marsh in the Daly Point Nature Reserve and, after crossing the one km wide Reserve, it skirts the east side of the City of Bathurst for 9 km before reaching the estuary of the Nepisiguit River. For the next 140 km the trail follows the meanderings of the river back to its origins high in the Appalachian Mountains of Mt. Carleton Park. The Nepisiguit is one of the most pristine waterways of Eastern North America. It is also steeped in history. For millennium the indigenous Mi’gmaq peoples used it to migrate back and forth between their summer encampments on the coast and winter hunting grounds deep in the interior.

The Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail normaly opens each year around June 1st. Delays sometimes occur if spring clean-up efforts are hampered by deep snow, excessive tree blowdowns or flooding. Follow the SNMT Facebook site for updates. The last date for hiker registrations is October 15th and multiday and thru hikers must complete their trips by November 1st. In winter, a few sections of the trail closest to Bathurst are frequented by avid day hikers on snowshoes.

The SNMT has attracted thousands of nature enthusiasts since construction began in 2014. Most are day hikers that access the trail from various points around the City of Bathurst. Besides Daly Point Nature Reserve other popular starting areas are the Pump House, Red Brook and Middle Landing. To locate these and other interesting points on the trail, consult our Interactive Map.

Each year, several hundred thru hikers attempt to walk the entire trail. It is an epic journey that can take 6 to 12 days, most of it through remote wilderness without telephone or internet service. Preparation is key and anyone considering the challenge should thoroughly review this web site. There is a section dedicated to Safety and another that explains the importance of the trail’s 21 Access Points. Hikers can also find a helpful Equipment Checklist, a description of Campsites and details on food drop-boxes, trail markers, etc in Hiking Basics.

The SNMT is en entirely volunteer run organization. To help finance the trail we ask all overnight hikers to register and pay a $25 fee.

Questions? We have developed an impressive FAQ and hope your answers can be found there.

Enjoy your visit to the SNMT! We are sure your memories will last a lifetime!

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