The Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail (SNMT) is entirely run by volunteers of all ages and walks of life that share a common passion for the outdoors and, of course, the trail. If you are interested in joining us either watch for periodic calls for help on our Facebook site or send us an email at SNMTrails@gmail.com. Everyone is welcome!

How We Are Organized

In 2014, the first volunteers began constructing the SNMT. It took four years but ultimately a wonderful path was cleared through 150 km of wilderness. Then work began on infrastructure – shelters, sleeping platforms, teepees, accesses and suspension bridges. With this second phase largely completed by the fall of 2022, our trail is now in full operation and, as a result, we have once again reorganized our volunteer resources. Here is a quick overview:

a) Section Managers

Maintenance, and specifically the removal of fallen trees, has now become the SNMT’s greatest preoccupation. To facilitate the work, the trail has been divided into twenty sections, each assigned a manager. Although trail cleaning is a year-round activity, section managers are particularly busy in the spring removing the numerous “blow downs” caused by heavy snows and blustery winter storms. A list of trail sections and their managers is shown below.

A-B Stéphane Doucet (Maritime College of Forest Tech.) K-L Samuel Turcotte
B-C Charles Levesque L-M Alfred Arseneau
C-D Samuel Daigle M-N Michel and Micheline Godin
D-E Luc Thibeault N-O Annie-Mylene Comeau
E-F Eric Landry O-P Sylvain Cormier
F-G Annie Boudreau and Stephane Haché P-Q Tim Haché
G-H André Roussel and Julie Walton Q-R Bruno Haché
H-I André Comeau R-S Nat Bepperling
I-J Rod O'Connell S-T Karl Branch
J-K Serge Leblanc T-U Nathalie Thériault

b) Builders

Even though the trail is fully functional there always seems to be something new to construct ….. another shelter, another bridge, a detour around a new beaver dam, etc. And sometimes existing infrastructure needs major repairs, especially if damaged by falling trees.

These types of challenges require the intervention of our building experts, a group specializing in project planning, excavation, erection and cable stringing.

c) Administrators

Less visible but vital are the SNMT volunteers who look after the trail’s web and Facebook sites, answer emails, apply for funding, manage finances, sell maps and guides and respond to press inquiries.

d) Board of Directors

Composed of a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, the Board of Directors is responsible for the viability of the SNMT, long term plans, annual meetings and hirings. They are typically elected for two-year terms.

e) The "Team"

Beyond the volunteers mentioned above are the many, many individuals that show up whenever there is an appeal for assistance. Be it is for construction projects, clean-up campaigns or funding drives, the SNMT has the good fortune to have a large “team” of people willing to donate their time and expertise.

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